Brooklyn Food Tours celebrates the diverse neighborhoods, local foods and rich history that Brooklyn is known for.

Currently offering 2 tours:

Carroll Gardens Brooklyn Historical Italian Food/Drink Walking Tour


Dyker Heights Brooklyn Christmas Lights Food/Drink Walking Tour

 For updates, please follow Brooklyn Food Tours on Facebook and Instagram!

We look forward to hosting you on a fun, delicious and informative Brooklyn food and drink experience soon!

Email for more information.  


8 thoughts on “

  1. This tour looks amazing! I’m from Besonhurst. I live in FL now. Next time I visit home I want to take this tour. 🙂

  2. SO excited to take this tour!! Dreaming of homemade mozzarella (as my Italian uncles say – it’s all about the mutz)… XO

  3. That Cannoli looks like the real thing. We used to buy them at feast of St. Rocco’s there is nothing like a cannoli when it is done correctly!

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