WHAT?: Brooklyn Food Tours is a walking…tasting…learning experience!  The Carroll Gardens Brooklyn Food/Walking Tour (approx. 3 hours/7 locations!) visits the best of the historical Italian food establishments in the neighborhood.  At every stop on the tour you will enjoy generous samples of the foods that each spot is famous for including delicious thin crust pizza, melt-in-your mouth soppressata, homemade mozzarella, freshly baked Italian bread, sweet cannolis, locally roasted coffee, classic Brooklyn egg creams, and more!

WHY?: You will gain an appreciation for the families that have owned these businesses for generations, the endless hours and dedication they put into each specialty and the rich history of the culinary delights they offer.  Most importantly, you get to enjoy the delicious end products!

WHO?: Kelly Rice will be your tour guide.  Kelly is from an Italian food/restaurant family and has a genuine love and passion for the old-school food establishments of Carroll Gardens.   She will personally lead each tour and convey the histories (along with the owners) of each spot while you enjoy the delicious food!

WHEN?: Currently offered on Saturdays only. Click on the “TICKET AND SCHEDULE INFO” page (up on top bar) to see what’s available.

WHERE: Carroll Gardens Brooklyn is easily accessible from Manhattan by subway or taxi (approximately $15 cab fare from Soho) – or by car from farther points.  Other transportation can be arranged upon request.

HOW MUCH?:   Tickets are $60 each.  See Tickets and Scheduling page for purchasing details.  Ticket price includes an approximately 3 hour long, 7 stop tour and LOTS of delicious food!

  1. Nicole says:

    I hope sometime, I am close enough to attend. This looks just like something Brock and I would love!!!!

  2. Amie Donofrio says:

    This tour looks amazing! I’m from Besonhurst. I live in FL now. Next time I visit home I want to take this tour. :-)

  3. ldiva says:

    SO excited to take this tour!! Dreaming of homemade mozzarella (as my Italian uncles say – it’s all about the mutz)… XO

  4. Anonymous says:

    That Cannoli looks like the real thing. We used to buy them at feast of St. Rocco’s there is nothing like a cannoli when it is done correctly!

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