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Ahhhh…. the soppressata!  It’s soooo good!   Brothers George and John Esposito make it by hand in this FIRST pork store in Brooklyn!  That’s what they claim and I wouldn’t argue with the “sexy butchers” – as featured in the…sexy butcher calendar.  They hand make their soppressata, sausage, mozzarella.  No nitrates or nitrites or nastiness in general.  Just good old fashioned meat and the men who make it.  On our last tour we tasted sweet soppressata, spicy soppressata, carved roast beef and potato salad – their mother’s recipe and a big seller.  Delicious!  And almost more food than we could handle.  Almost.  ;-)

This is a special store and Frank Caputo is a special guy.  He takes a lot of time to explain his process of making the most delicious, silky, fresh mozzarella you will ever taste as well as some lesser known favorites.  He ends up feeding my tour group and a bunch of other people in the store!  The shelves are fully stocked with the best olive oil, coffee beans, fresh and dried pasta and delicious homemade soups and much more.  Really too many things to mention, just come with me and you’ll see!

This spot has a really interesting history and an incredibly delicious egg cream!  On the tour you will taste a nice, tall egg cream in your choice of vanilla or chocolate, cow’s milk or almond milk.  Sweet and bubbly and SO good.  We will also attempt to unravel the mystery of why they are named egg creams…yet contain no eggs!

One of the best things about living in Carroll Gardens is the aromatic scent of  D’Amico’s  roasting coffee beans.  Mmmmm…I love it wafting through my apartment.

They roast the beans almost every day in this beautiful red roaster.

D’Amico’s is another neighborhood gem that you will discover on the tour.  Joanie and Frank will give you samples of their bestselling Espresso or Red Hook Blend – or probably whatever you want.  They are nice like that.  :-)

I stopped by to see my friends at Court Pastry today.  I could hang out in there for hours inhaling the heavenly aromas.

Gasper was busy making his famous sfogliatelle.  Somehow he makes great conversation and delicious pastry at the same time.

Waiting to be baked…

But first – it’s time to take the Biscotti di San Martino out of the gorgeous oven.

When you take the tour you’ll be able to sample these EXCELLENT cannolis – they have a fan base that rivals a rockstar.

Court Pastry is an oasis of charm, history and sweetness.

I can’t wait to bring you here!